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Reach colleagues and patients through texting. Eliminate the hassles.

Your staff will save hours each day. Appointment no-shows will decrease, and patients will love how OhMD changes their experience and care.

OhMD Patients

What is OhMD?

OhMD helps you communicate better with colleagues and patients. Send files securely, keep your practice running smoothly with appointment reminders, and attract new patients with live website chat.

This is why OhMD is trusted by over 30,000 professionals. We’ve made messaging work for healthcare.

45% of physicians report receiving identifiable patient information every day via email or text

80% of patients want to text with their practices

Free HIPAA Compliant Texting App

You’re busy. Too busy to play phone tag with colleagues, staff, and referring providers.

Our HIPAA compliant messaging platform allows all types of healthcare professionals to communicate quickly and more effectively with colleagues, care teams, and referring providers — all from the OhMD app on iOS, Android, and the web.

Communicate faster, without the risk of a HIPAA violation.

Raise the bar on the quality and speed of your communication. Accelerate and simplify HIPAA compliant texting and communication between office staff, referring providers, and pharmacies. That’s right, OhMD allows for care coordination between practices and hospitals you work with most often.

OhMD is the only healthcare communication platform that brings patient and clinical communication into the same, easy to use platform. Our mission is to put free, intuitive healthcare communication in the hands of every physician, clinician, office staff, and patient.

The protection you need to communicate freely. Rest easy knowing that sharing clinical information and patient conversations are HIPAA compliant.

CMS is reimbursing physicians for digital communication

CMS has enabled reimbursement possibilities for care providers through services they are already conducting. With OhMD, a simple 5 minute check in can result in a $15 reimbursement!

Clinical and Patient Communication using OhMD

OhMD Chat

Better Communication

Reach your patients quickly and securely — no app download required.

Happier Patients

Keep your patients coming back by providing incredible patient care.

More Efficient Team

Grow your practice and increase new patient acquisition.

Patients love it! Our staff loves it! The difference in the time spent answering a quick message versus taking a phone call is quite amazing!

Janet Pate, MD

Nurture Pediatrics

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